10 Reasons You Need To Plan Your Springfest Weekend Right Now

10. The tents are made just for beer-drinking

Let’s start with why everyone comes to Beerfest Springfest. There are huge tents, each holding thousands of beer-lovers like yourself, ready to be your new best friends.

9. …and various beer gardens

Nothing says “best day party ever” like enjoying a Maß (liter) of beer in the German sunshine.

8. Pretzels the size of your head

Soft, salty, chewy pretzels that are literally the size of your head. Not to mention all the bratwurst, whole chickens, and Spätzle (basically German mac&cheese) your heart desires.

7. You can wear a dirndl or lederhosen

You will never have more fun day-drinking than while wearing traditional German leather overalls or corseted dresses. Plus, you’ve never looked better.

6. You can catch an FC Bayern Game

Photo Source: independent.co.uk

After spending the day at Springfest head over to the Allianz Arena and watch one of the best soccer teams in the world play their hearts out.

5. Bavarian parade

The first weekend there is a big parade where traditional ceremonies like artillery cannons being shot and then the opening keg is officially tapped and the celebration begins.

4. Munich itself is stunning

If you venture off the Theresienwiese festival grounds, you’ll find a beautiful city waiting to be explored. Take a bike ride to the English Garden and you’ll be rewarded by the second largest beer garden in the city at the Chinese Pagoda!

3. You’ll hear drinking songs from around the world

There’s no friendlier group of people than those bonded by liters of beer, so be prepared to join in rowdy national sing-a-longs of traditional drinking tunes!

2. It is Disneyland with beer

Between beer-tent-hopping, there are rides galore to enjoy. Spin, twirl, take in the bright lights and carnival atmosphere, and your hometown county fair may never feel quite as good again.

1. If you don’t plan it now, you might not get to go

The hard reality is that this magical festival books up fast. When I went to Springfest for the first time, I paid over 200€ for a hostel 15 miles outside of Munich. Don’t make the same mistake–

book the weekend of your life today, before it’s too late!

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