5 Things to do at Springfest Other Than Drinking

Springfest is the little sister of the well-known Oktoberfest, but there is much more to do and see than the inside of a tent or the bottom of a stein!

With plenty of activities to choose from, you can experience traditional ceremonies, heart-racing rides, and delicious traditional Bavarian delicacies. Don’t forget to take tons of pics to remember it all. You may even be featured on our Instagram!

For all this, and more, check out our Springfest 2024 tours and don’t miss one of the best spring festivals in Europe! From Glamping at Springfest to What to Wear at Springfest, start planning a new adventure while you’re studying abroad.

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1.  Attend Traditional Springfest Ceremonies

Springest kicks off with a big parade and Böllerschützen, this is when artillery enthusiasts shoot mini hand cannons into the air. Talk about starting with a bang!

Then the first keg is then tapped inside the Hippodrom-Festzelt at 4pm on opening day. The beer starts flowing here and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Grab a stein and fill ‘er up!

Springfest’s first Saturday is packed out with stalls from one of Munich’s greatest flea markets. You’ll find more than 1,000 stands to wander amongst, with sellers offering everything from knickknacks to records.

2.  Try all of the Foods

Pork Knuckle, candied almonds, roasted chicken, and pretzels are only a few of the delicacies you can eat in Munich’s Springfest. Delicious!

3.  Jump on the Rides and Play Carnival Games

Or, just watch as other inebriated festival-goers try their shot at the traditional challenges. Remember to bring cash with you to ride or play! Here are some of our favorites:

The Can’t-Miss Classics

The Witches’ Whip (Hexenschaukel)
The “madhouse” has existed since 1894 and was reinaugurated as a regular in 1994. Hop on this spooky ride for illusions that make you feel like you’re turning upside down!

The Devil’s Wheel (Teufelsrad)
The Devil’s Wheel is a spinning disk challenge where participants try to stay on as long as they can. It’s surrounded by stands so that you can watch as others try their skills (or luck!). It’s a fan favorite because of MC Wiggerl Kugler.

Carousel (Krinoline)
A carousel might not scream fun to you after the age of right, but this is the only ride at Die Wiesn that has its own brass band.

The Giant Swing Carousel (The Wellenflug)
You’ve probably seen the photos on Instagram. Now you can test your bravery in a swing as it spins around and goes up and down in waves. At night, its even more exciting lit up in colorful flashes.

Willenborg’s Ferris Wheel
Another must-visit photo spot, the ferris wheel is the symbol of Springfest. Hop onto one of 40 gondolas that take you over 50 meters high.

You can fit up to 10 of your friends in one gondola or make new friends as you take in the city’s epic views.

Florence 2 Munich Springfest

The Toboggan
Another ride ripe for spectators, the Toboggan is half slide, half conveyor belt that riders must climb in order to slide down. Unfortunately, this conveyor belt is more of a challenge than an aide, and the audience loves watching people try to balance their way to the top. Especially after you’re a few steins in!

Adrenaline Junky Paradise

This is the world’s largest transportable rollercoaster (it takes a full week to set it up and another week to dismantle it). Zoom through five loops at speeds up to 100 km/h. Yup, you’re going upside down, so maybe don’t save this for the end of your night!

This is the world’s tallest tower drop at 80 meters. Lose your breath at the top and catch it at the bottom for a thrill.

Brand new in 2018, the Predator spins around as it rises into the air, then quickly pivots around spinning you upside down and at all angles. Another that we don’t recommend on post-stein stomach!

Wild Mouse
If five loops aren’t for you, hop on this traditional roller coater where the car is longer than the rail on which it sits for surprising turns and shocking moments.

4. Have a Photoshoot!

You didn’t dress up in the coolest lederhosen or the prettiest dirndls not to document your experience!

We’ve curated a list of the prettiest photo-op spots here! Don’t forget a selfie stick. They come in handy for shots on the rides (just don’t drop it!) or to get your whole squad in a shot inside the tents.

two young men wearing lederhosen and blue and white checkered shirts ride The Wellenflug at Oktoberfest and snap a selfie with a Selfie Stick.

5. Explore Munich Outside of Springfest

We recommend a city bike tour and a few day trips that take you to locations in the Bavarian countryside, like the Castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the Sleeping Beauty castle. Head to our website to check out the excursions in detail!

If you’re ready to pack your bags for Springfest, get in touch! Our local team is here to help you celebrate the coming of spring in Bavarian style.

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