The 5 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without For A Portugal Weekend

By Daniella Rutigliano

Portugal is a country made of life, love, passion, culture, delicious cuisine, beauty and much more. Traveling here feels like home and you’ll never want to leave. You’ve made it all the way to your dream destination, now don’t forget to pack your essentials. When traveling in the summer, you should always remember to bring suntan lotion, bathing suits, and a camera for the memories you’ll never want to forget, but there are 5 essential items that you should never forget:

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Don’t forget a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes. You’re going to be walking all over the historic town, exploring the cobblestone streets, hiking in the mountains, and maybe even taking sunrise jogs on the beach. Having a comfortable pair of shoes will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Colorful clothes

Portugal is known for having vibrant architecture and colorfully painted buildings, what better wait to stand out than with a floral shirt and eye-popping dress. Not only that but the tan rugged mountains that jet off the coast serves as the perfect backdrop for a statement bathing suit. Just trust us on this one. The pictures will be worth it.

A light jacket

Make sure to bring a light jacket for the nighttime. Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches and water caves so it will get a little breezy in the evening. Having a light jacket will allow you to stay warm while exploring the town at night or watching beautiful sunsets from the Ponta Da Piedade.


Get ready to get tanner than all your friends. Portugal’s weather is incredible as it has a high chance of sunny with a side of beautiful. You’ll be doing all sorts of outdoor activities like surfing, kayaking, or just walking around and marveling at the beautiful architecture. Make sure you make tan lines and not burn lines. Bring sunscreen! You’ll thank us later.

A day bag

When you’re out in about in Portugal its good to have a comfortable day bag to bring along with you. From go-pro sticks to snacks to keep you powered through the day its always a good idea to bring a bag that will be easy to carry around. You can pack a bathing suit and towel just in case you wanna go for a spontaneous dip.

Now that you have these top 5 necessities on what to pack for a weekend trip to Portugal, your adventure can begin. Make sure to take lots of photos, make lots of memories, enjoy the sun, and engulf yourself in the culture because you are going to have the time of your life. Your journey to Portugal begins now. Book here to save on your adventure.