What Is The Difference Between Springfest And Oktoberfest?

By Kathleen Watz

Springfest Aka the Oktoberfest of the Spring. Springfest or Frühlingsfest (the fest’s name in German) is sometimes referred to as Oktoberfest’s little bro. While it is not as popular as Oktoberfest, it can be argued that it is equally just as good, & some may even say better. Here are some reasons why Springfest out pours Oktoberfest:

1. It’s Less Crowded & More Authentic

During Oktoberfest, millions of people from all over the world crowd the space of the festival grounds – about 6 million each year, to be exact. Springfest is more relaxed, with about only 1 million visitors a year making it less crowded and therefore more traditional. The locals find it cozier – you might too!

Sometimes being less popular has its perks, Springfest can have shorter lines for getting into tents and for going on rollercoaster rides. 

2. Better weather

Springfest is obviously during the springtime; therefore, the weather tends to be especially beautiful. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it feels perfect to wear your dirndl or Lederhosen without needing to lug around a heavy jacket. 

This makes it more enjoyable to sit outside, kick back, and enjoy the festival. With fewer tents, the remaining space will be filled with open air beer gardens instead. Steins & Sun!

3. The Beer

Each fest, the breweries release seasonal batches of beer. You’ll still be prosting, just with a fresh batch of beer brewed just for the special occasion!

Also, the beer at Springfest can sometimes be one or two Euros cheaper than at Oktoberfest – WIN!.

4. Watch FC Bayern Play

If you’re a fan of watching soccer or even if you just want to see one of the best soccer teams in the world play– going to Munich for Springfest provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Photo Source: independent.co.uk

Whenever you’re not at the Springfest Fetival grounds, you can head over to Allianz arena to catch a soccer match at the second largest arena in Germany. You won’t see that kind of passion anywhere else.

5. You can truly enjoy Munich

Munich is a beautiful city to explore. During Oktoberfest, all the restaurants and stores can be crowded with all the people, so the beauty of the city can be hard to appreciate.

Springfest brings in fewer people, therefore, enjoying the city is easier and more fun. Also, other activities like visiting Neuschwanstein Castle or taking historical tours around the city make for a happy weekend. Don’t forget to go watch the surfers in Englischer Garten! 

There you have it, the three main reasons Springfest is the better option. Don’t just take my word for it though, experience it yourself! 

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