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Unforgettable European Student Trips

While studying abroad, you’re only living in Europe for a few months, so be sure to use your free time wisely! Whether you want to sip Chianti’s finest amongst the vineyards for a day, zip line through a Croatian forest, or relax on the beach in Amalfi Coast for a weekend, we have the European student trip for you.

As you research your study abroad adventures, check out our European Destination Activities and browse the student trips below.

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At Bus2alps, we travel to connect…with other travelers, with people from other cultures, and with places that inspire awe. We travel to broaden our horizons and to enjoy this incredible journey we’re taking together.

We believe that travelers should have a positive impact on destinations. That’s why our trips provide inspirational experiences for travelers while ethically supporting the people that reside there.

All of our trips are priced to fairly compensate our local partners while remaining accessible for a variety of budgets. It’s one of our core tenets of travel.

We also believe that Black lives matter, women’s rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, and kindness is everything. For us and for everyone who joins us, we use travel as a bridge to spread these core beliefs.

Come travel with us and join the Blue Crew community. All are welcome here.

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girls swimming in Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast

Florence 2 the Amalfi Coast

Head south to Italy’s #1 beach destination on the trip that won Bus2alps the TourRadar award for #1 Tour in Europe consecutively.
Diocletian's Waterfront Palace in Split

Florence to Croatia

Travel from Florence to Split, Croatia for a weekend full of sun and adventure on the Dalmatian Coast!

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