Wow, Interlaken is cool!

When I studied abroad in 2010, one of the last places I thought I would ever go would be Interlaken, Switzerland

.  First of all, I had never heard of Interlaken, and second, it seemed like there were so many more obvious places to go like the Amalfi Coast, Greece, Paris, Prague and Barcelona to just name a few.  I wanted to see as much as I could while I was here, but honestly Interlaken was just not on my radar.

A bunch of my friends were doing the Bus2alps Interlaken trip, and last minute I decided to join them…it was probably the coolest decision I ever made.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Florence, but Interlaken has a feel that I don’t think you can get anywhere else in Europe.  I haven’t been anywhere else where you can jump 300 feet into a canyon, go night sledding in the Swiss Alps, and see some of the most naturally beautiful scenery all in one weekend.  Being a study abroad veteran, as well as an experienced traveler in Europe, I can say confidently that not making it to Interlaken during your semester abroad is a mistake.

For Bus2alps, traveling to Interlaken on the weekends is like going home.  After all, we are Bus 2 ALPS, and our headquarters are located right in the town of Interlaken.  Outdoor Interlaken is our sister company and all Bus2alps travelers get a discount on adventure activities.

From skiing and snowboarding, to extreme sledding if you are like me, Interlaken has everything.  There is the best sky diving in the world, as well as canyon jumping (one of two places in the world to do this), night sledding, chocolate tasting, paragliding, ice skating…there are so many activities to do that it is difficult to choose exactly how to spend your weekend.  …Not the worst problem to have.

Don’t make the mistake that I almost made, and miss out on this paradise on earth.  Waking up in the Swiss Alps is something that everyone should experience, and you guys are so close, it’s time to book your trip with Bus2alps February 15, 22 and March 1.  I can’t wait to see you there!

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