Europe’s gonna be DOMinated!

Get at me BRO! The biggest announcement of the semester is now hitting the airwaves. The Youtube sensation, Dom Mazzetti, will be bustin’ off a plane, muscle T and all, ready to join Bus2alps (and a whole lot of beautiful college girls) for a 2 week  traveling extravaganza! Dom is coming on the Northern Loop Spring Break on March 29th for the 10 day tour of Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Then, after relaxing in Rome for a few days, he will be showing off his perfect body on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. The creators of the Youtube phenomenon, Mike & Gian, are making their European debut to team up with the number one student travel company, Bus2alps, to see the world and discover what wild, hilarious escapades Dom Mazzetti gets himself into while here. Dom will be crushin’ brews, woo-ing college girls, and going HAM back in the homeland of Italy. Sure he may or may not have dropped out of school and moved home to pursue community college chicks, but now he’s getting the chance to go buck wild on a European Spring Break! Book these trips NOW to become a part of the Dom Squad because with this huge news release, the Northern Loop & Amalfi Coast are gonna sell out faster than Four Loko in the black market. Get ready for Bus2dom, baby. This Spring, you have the chance of a lifetime to travel with this guy:


Now that’s JUSTICE!

by Erin O’Conner

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