Tuesday Travel Tip: Dreaming of the Beach, But Remember to Stay Cool

Yeah, I know that they say “Life’s a beach” and I believe it. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the sand, watching the waves hit the ground, feeling the sun on your face, and sipping on a fine cocktail before you start up your private boat cruise. I get it. I know you’re all super pumped for the warm weather to finally get here so you can go cliff jumping in Positano, get wild on the beaches of Corfu, or swim beneath the waterfalls of Croatia. Who can blame you? But one thing that I definitely want to stress is that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t miss out on visiting Northern Europe now and embracing the colder weather trips because let’s face it, its beauty is still going to blow you away (just in a different way than a beach would).

You’re studying abroad in Europe and I’m going to be frank with you: You need to see the Swiss Alps. Never in my entire life will I ever forget the first time I saw those monstrous mountains  in person. In real life. It was absolutely one of the most gorgeous, mind-boggling sites I have ever laid eyes on and I strongly feel that everyone needs to experience that. Go to Interlaken–if you’re into skiing or snowboarding, AWESOME! But if not, then still go. There’s dozens of amazing activities for you to do, and regardless of what you’re into, just being in the Alps experiencing that beauty will be memorable forever.

Go to Prague. Do you remember reading fairy tales when you were young and looking at the pictures while Mom or Dad read the story to you? You know how looking back, you kind of feel like those places don’t exist and some artist completely made it up in their display of creative expression? Yeah, guess what…that’s what Prague looks like. Home to the world’s largest castle complex, amazing architecture, old churches turned into taverns, horse & buggies on cobble stone streets, trumpets playing as the huge astronomical clock turns to noon…Prague feels like a fairytale and it’s also something that everyone should experience.


Ireland, Amsterdam, I mean I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. Those beach destinations are going to blow you away, I know, but don’t miss out on the now. Take advantage of the fact that you’re in Europe with all of these new friends you have, and ones you’ve yet to meet. You have the unique opportunity to travel to any place your heart desires, so get out there and see everything you possibly can! Because yes, life’s a beach, but life’s also a stroll down the Charles Bridge in your hat and mittens sipping on some Glühwein while you get ready to go eat some homemade sausage and Goulash. Happy Travels.

-Erin O’Connor


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