Why Interlaken Should Be Your First Trip Abroad

By Allie Filmanowicz

The picture-perfect views

Interlaken is known for its breathtaking views! Whether you are looking for the perfect cover photo or just a picture to send home to Mom, there is no better place than Interlaken!


You can make your own chocolate

Why buy the good stuff when you can make it yourself? While in Interlaken, head over to the Funky Chocolate Club to test your hand at making your own signature chocolate!

Some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world

If winter sports are something you enjoy be sure to head on up to Kleine Scheidegg Mountain for an awesome day of mountains and fresh snow! Don’t forget your camera because this mountain is one for the books. Did you know you can book a one or two day ski pass directly with bus2alps? Click the link above to explore all Interlaken activities!

You can purchase a real Swiss army knife

An authentic Swiss army knife is the perfect thing to gift yourself or someone back in the states! Just be sure to put it in your checked bag when you travel to avoid any issues at security.

Endless opportunities for adventure (even if you don’t ski or snowboard)

Still looking for an adrenaline rush that doesn’t involve skiing or snowboarding? Interlaken is full of them! Check out skydiving or paragliding over the Alps—this once in a lifetime experience is something you absolutely need to take advantage of while you are abroad.


Night sledding in the Alps

After a day filled with beautiful views and exciting adventures, start your night out the right way by slipping and sliding down one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges.

To take your most epic picture of 2020 at the Top of Europe

Just a beautiful train ride up from Kleine Scheidegg is Jungfraujoch, otherwise known as the “Top of Europe.” The beautiful setting of the giant Switzerland flag and rolling mountains is even more perfect in real life than it is in the pictures (which is hard to believe!).


For the Rosti

If you have never tried a rosti, you are truly missing out. A rosti is a delicious traditional Swiss meal that is hashbrown and cheese based; different vegetables and meat are added depending on personal preference!!

Balmers Club

If you are looking for a wild night out on the town be sure to check out Balmers’ club, located in the basement of the Balmers hostel! Balmers’ club is the perfect place to meet other students traveling in Interlaken and dance the night away.

image01Ice skating downtown

Downtown Interlaken is great for grabbing a bite to eat and exploring the quaint cobblestone streets, but best of all is the ice skating rink where individuals of all skill levels gracefully (or not so gracefully) glide around the ice.

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