30 Best Instagram Captions for Interlaken, Switzerland in Winter

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? In Interlaken, you’re going to have incredible shots throughout your time there. There are views of the alps as you stand above the clouds, or on the slopes, or jumping out of a plane. You can even get a few shots of you making your very own Swiss chocolate. With the perfect photo, you need the perfect Instagram caption. Below, find a compilation of some of our favorite phrases, puns and quotes for the perfect instagram captions.

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Instagram Captions for Interlaken in Winter

by Stephenie Thorne & The Blue Crew

  1. Hello, winter wonderland! ❄️⛄️?
  2. Hot chocolate ☕️ + warm PJs = a cozy winter night
  3. Adventures in paradise
  4. Nothing like a night in the Swiss Alps ?
  5. Snowflakes ❄️+ hot cocoa + gorgeous views = perfect vacay
  6. Getting my goggle tan in the alps
  7. Cozying up in Interlaken
  8. Why hibernate this winter when you could be in Interlaken?
  9. Some beauty in the land of neutrality
  10. “Some things are worth melting for” – Olaf ☃️
  11. Having an ice day in Interlaken
  12. There’s snow ❄️ way I’m not going to miss you, Interlaken
  13. Ice ❄️ to meet you, Interlaken
  14. Snow boots ? and snowflakes ❄️ equals a great day
  15. Adventuring in the extreme sports capital has its peaks ?
  16. Mountains of adventure and bliss
  17. Getting lost in Interlaken
  18. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller
  19. Chillin out in Interlaken
  20. Matten baes ?(Matten Bei Interlaken is the full name of the town!)
  21. Please accept this as my application as a future Bond Girl!
  22. Swiss ?? you were here!
  23. When was the last time you jumped out of a plane ✈️!?
  24. Blue skies & blue lakes
  25. Conditions are snowy ❄️, with the chance of Adventure
  26. I believe I can fly ? I believe I can touch the sky⛅️
  27. Now I’m free, free falllllin’ ?
  28. Is this where they bottle gatorade?
  29. I definitely PEAKED ? in the alps!
  30. On mountain ? time.

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