Why I can’t get enough of Europe

This blog entry was written by Allison Baldwin.

My eyes are tired.  No, it’s not because I was pumping my first at Twice last night…or from attempting to run up to the Piazza Michelangelo this morning…

My eyes are tired from looking at so many gorgeous places.  It really is a beautiful problem to have.  People ask me all the time what my favorite trip is…assuming I must have one.  That answer changes by the hour, even the minute sometimes.  How can I choose between skydiving in the Swiss Alps, and cliff jumping in Positano?  I forgot for a second about island hopping in Croatia…andddd relaxing in the French Riviera.  Crap, maybe I can’t pick one today.  Because come to think of it- I really do love going to Greece.

One of the best secrets that Europe has lately is Croatia.  Everyone knows about the beaches in Amalfi and Cinque Terre (rightfully so…they are unbelievable), but how many of your friends have ever been to Croatia?  The beaches in Croatia range everywhere from stone to sand.  There is whitewater rafting, island hopping, a bar crawl, beach time…I’m not sure what else you could want.  The weather is starting to change here in Florence, and while it’s nice to not have back sweat at all times, escaping to the beach for a few days doesn’t sound awful.

Another place that I insist that everyone Czech out this semester is Prague.  But really, Prague is unlike any other city that I have ever been to.  If you appreciate the architecture in Florence, then going to Prague is a necessity.  There is a gothic feel to it, and suffered considerably less damage from World War II than other major European cities so its’ history is preserved in the architecture.  There is a lot to do, from going to the exquisite Prague castle, to the historic St. Charles Bridge, to taking pictures at the legendary John Lennon Wall.  Most people who come to Europe get a chance to check out Western Europe, but why not check out Eastern Europe as well?  If you needed another reason, the beer in Prague is some of the best in the world AND the food is great as well…please come Czech out Prague with me this semester.  Enough bad jokes.

There are seriously so many places to go this semester.  Studying abroad is a beautiful thing.  Your friends are in class in America, and you are kayaking in Croatia.  It is a difficult task to select your trips this semester, but it is more fun picking out countries to visit, than picking out what to watch on TV at home.  Obviously at Bus2alps, we LOVE to travel, and we could talk about these destinations until next Wednesday if someone would let us, so let us help you.  Croatia, Prague, Interlaken, French Riviera…so many places, so little time.  Our lives are great and we are all lucky human beings, so let’s make the most out of this semester.  Well, I have to go pack, because I am going to Amalfi tonight.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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