Bus2week in Review

Amazing times were had at Oktoberfest this past weekend as Bus2alps welcomed guests from all over Europe, including Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Florence, Madrid, and Rome to name a few places  With Saturday being the busiest day at the festival, everyone woke up super early to ensure entrance into one of the beer tents. Bus2alps had 6 tables next to the band all day at the Paulaner tent, prosting together right in the heart of the celebration. Meanwhile at the Hofbrau tent, another large contingency of Bus2alpser were making their presence felt.

Delicious food paired well a tall Maß of their favorite brew made for an awesome meal! Afterwards, Bus2alps staff members were standing at the festival’s exits to make sure that everyone got home safely after being disorientated from all of the “fun” they had at Oktoberfest. Some decided to nap, others decided to fight on through, but either way everyone was ready to keep the party going well into the night either at the Jaeger bar or the Stoke Campsite’s BBQ party with a DJ and unlimited beer & sangria. One of our Bus2alps guests walked into Jaeger’s Hostel with a stray barking dog, whom he rescued and gave at a better home at the local animal shelter. This story will go into Bus2alps lore.

Over in Italy, Bus2alps had yet another beautiful weekend in the Amalfi Coast. The weather was perfect for cave swimming­­ and cliff jumping in Positano. Fried calamari, limoncello, and treats from Vini & Panini were definitely enjoyed by everyone this past weekend. It may be cooling off into fall weather back home in the US, but over here in Italy, bikinis, beach and boats are still very much a part of the agenda.

Sure abroad was great, but lots happened in everyone’s home cities of Florence and Rome. Fiorentina, Florence’s local soccer team kept their great start rolling with 3-0 victory over Parma. In Barcelona, Bus2alps hosted their first Shoko dinner party, hosting over a hundred Barcelona students to free traditional tapas and Spanish wine. The first ever Bus2alps beer pong tournament in Barcelona started with the skilled winners collecting 20% off future trips.

If you thought last weekend was busy, we’re already preparing for another huge weekend at Oktoberfest, and trips to Amalfi Coast, French Riviera, Croatia, and Cinque Terre. See you this week!

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