What you need to know about Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest- you know what it is (and maybe you’ve seen Beerfest – “who’s Barry Badrinath?”)  What started as a wedding reception for Prince Ludwig has grown over the past 200 years to become the biggest party in the world hosting over 5 million visitors every year.  Munich has a lot to offer during Oktoberfest so know what’s out there!

Things you should consider:

Bike Tour – best way to see the city.  Led by fun international guides, this tour gets you all around the city on brand new bikes, gives you some important history, and takes you to a beer garden.

Beer Garden – yes, the festival is a legendary good time itself, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to hang out on a bench in the park with a Maß of beer.  Check out the Seehaus beer garden in the English Gardens, situated next to a pond where you can rent paddle boats.  You can even buy a beer at the paddle boat rental window- no laws against drinkin and paddlin.

Dachau concentration camp, Olympic Park, BMW Museum, Neuschwanstein Castle – pick one or more.  Each offers something very different, but each will leave you with the satisfaction of knowing you did something other than drink all day.

Eat a Schweinshaxe – the Bavarian favorite also known as “pork knuckle”.  Hunks of meat and fat with a crispy roasted outside.  Good?  It’ll make you believe in God.

Sing along with thousands of others to Polka versions of your favorite songs – Make sure to prost your steins!

Bus2alps takes care of most of these for you (including showing you to the best spots in the festival), so check out the detailed itineraries here: Camping PackageHostel Package.  Munich is one of the safest, cleanest, and most awesomest cities in Western Europe – make sure to do it right!

* The Festival –  rides, beer, polka.  the holy triumvirate.  almost goes without saying.

This blog entry was written by Austin Carr-Jones. Click here to read his personal blog.

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