Travel Sales & Black Friday

By Becca Pilolla

Holidays are always great, all the food, families getting together, and the presents.  But what about the best day of the year, Black Friday!  It’s my favorite holiday.  Getting up early and catching all the deals!  Who cares if you won’t wear that fabulous pair of shoes till mid spring, they’re a great deal now and you are in love with them!  And let’s face it; you will use them anyways!

The same is with the Bus2alps  Black Friday Sale.  For all those coming in the spring and wanting to travel this summer, you will want to book all your trips now!
Getting it all ready and together before you get here makes it so much easier while you are here.  That way while you are here, you can relax and enjoy your time.  There will be no stress.  You have a while to think your trips over now, and prepare for your study abroad time, and know what to pack before you come here!  That’s always a BIG one!  Make sure to pack your heavy coat if you plan on going to Prague, Interlaken, or Ireland.  But if you already are here and forgot that main item… looks like you will have a purchase to make when you’re here-one that could cost the same as another trip.
It’s also good to get it all planned out now, so that way you can make sure to hit all the great spots and not miss out on one! Plus, now you have a lot of time before you actually leave for your trips that you are able to do some research (before the school research takes over and you don’t want to do it anymore) and figure out what you want to see and do in each place and don’t want to miss out on something WHILE you’re there.  That would just stink going to Paris, and not seeing the Eiffel tower, Sacre Couer, or even Monmarte.  The same goes with being in Prague and not experiencing Lucerna night club.
Booking your trips now, getting organized, and becoming knowledgeable are a great way to get ahead of the game.  It gives you time to do research, get organized, and become the person that is telling their friends and family about all the places that you ARE going to go, not just the ones that you want to go to!
So like those shoes you wont wear till spring, the same goes for the trips you wont go on till spring.  They’re good investments, you know you’ll use them, they’re a great deal now… so why waste your time and money later, when all the stress can be resolved right now?
Get that travel destination shopping mind set ready, and GO!
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