Live Accordingly…

By Melanie Faxon

When I think of Travel, I think of not just a physical journey, but a mentality that doesn’t have a limit. To me, traveling is the ability to take each day and destination and turn it into an exploration of both self and place. Whether I’m walking to the grocery store a block from my apartment in Barcelona or hiking up to the Exotic Gardens of Eze, France, there is always an opportunity to learn, to see something new and to decide how it will affect me. This semester has been one of intense personal exploration, and physically traveling around Europe has only inspired me to continue to do some soul searching when I return. The physical aspect is what brought me back to Europe – a semester abroad wasn’t nearly enough – but the mental happiness and curiosity that come with traveling is what will keep me constantly roaming through life. We are perishable items, and must live accordingly.


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