Do The Crazy Thing!

By Tori vanSambeck

There’s something about traveling that always leaves me wanting more. The feeling of visiting somewhere you have never been before and not  knowing where you are going or whats next is exciting. Traveling is all about pushing your boundaries. Its about stepping out of your comfort zone and opening yourself to something new. When you travel, you allow yourself to experience not only new places, but new ideas, new customs, new cultures and new feelings. I travel because every destination I check off my list helps me grow as a person and learn more about myself. I think everyone should take the opportunity to travel as soon as they get the chance. Whether it be backpacking through Europe, a semester abroad or a post graduation summer excursion, whenever an opportunity presents itself you should take it. There’s so much more to the world if you open yourself up to it, but you’ll never experience it if you just stay in one place.

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