Greece is a country of beauty.  A country where culture and good times await around every corner.   It is also a country that was about to have a huge mob of Bus2alps (B2A) students unleashed upon it for a week of sheer awesomeness.  Toga parties and booze cruising at the Pink Palace in Corfu, discovering ancient ruins in Athens, relaxing beachside and working on tans.  B2A was about you serve it all up and everyone was more than hungry.

Toga party in the Pink Palace
Toga! Toga! Toga!

Saturday Morning 9AM:  Florence’s October skies are grey and its’ raining – Time to escape to the sun drenched paradise that is Greece.   The crew of students’ rock up to Santa Maria Novella Train Station for departure.  Luxury Bus. Check. Coffee in hand. Check. Passports. Check. Inhibitions. Left behind.  The sun breaks out over the rolling green hills of Tuscany and within hours the Ferry is due east on the Adriatic Sea. Next stop. Greece.

With a boat that came equipped with a duty free bar, things were bound to get wild, and they did.  Within minutes the tunes blared out of the stereo and it was evident this was going to be a trip to remember.  After a mouth watering buffet dinner to keep the engines running it was time to get freaky at the Boats nautical disco.  The DJ got the party started with club classics, then mixed in some obligatory eighties cheese. The crowd rocked out right up until bedtime (Or breakfast time, depending on who you asked)

Once docked at Corfu we were greeted by the infamous Pink Palace buses and whisked away to a true Greek island paradise.  The sheer beauty of Corfu shook off any tiredness and everyone made a mad scramble for the Hotel’s private beach.  Sitting on the beach, you take in lush green hills and rocky cliffs cascading downward toward the sparkling blue Mediterranean. The scenery can best be described as something out of Jurassic Park.  The ocean has been warmed by the sun all summer, giving the water that perfect swimming temperature.

As the sun set the Pink Palace staff gathered everyone for some special Pink Palace style volleyball.  When they arrived to the court with cases of beer and bottles of ouzo in hand, people were confused.  As the game got underway it was clear this was not your average volleyball match.  Shots were consumed. Beers were chugged. Cross dressing took place.  Players were playing for pride, T shirts and Free ATV rental.  They were also playing for their sobriety.  It was a fitting end to a perfect day, and an ideal precursor to the night’s debauchery.

Monday saw everyone awake to bright blue skies and perfect beach weather.  After fuelling up on bacon, eggs and coffee is was time for the Pink Palace’s internationally renowned ‘Booze Cruise’.  The Pink Palace staff assembled the B2A crew and headed for the high seas.  Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Cancun, or something equally as insane.  Throughout the course of the day the boat navigated Corfu’s stunning grottos and cliffs, giving the ‘Pirates’ a chance to cliff jump, dive and explore uninhabited beaches.

Booze Cruising
Sailing the high seas

Once docked it was time for much anticipated ‘Toga Party’.  No rest for the wicked, especially at the Pink Palace.  Everyone was decked out in Pink Togas and the night started off with a banquet that would have made the ancient Greeks proud.  As the drinks flowed and tunes bopped everyone let their hair down and hedonism reigned supreme.  It was a truly memorable night amongst the pillars of the Palladium.

The next day saw everyone awake bleary eyed, but ready to see what else Corfu had to offer.  At around midday the Quad Safari tour departed.  The B2A Bikie gang was rolling out.  Corfu is known as Greece’s lushest, greenest island and tour allowed the crew to see this magnificent beauty close up.  On return to the Pink Palace everyone assembled for a final group dinner, and with tears in eyes, departed this unreal wonderland.  Next stop: Athens.

The B2A Bikie Gang rolling out

The first day in Athens was spent taking in the cities historical sites.  The Acropolis, Zeus’s temple and numerous other ruins were all examined with commentary and facts provided by B2A Chief, Mike Laporta (An encyclopaedia on all things Greek).  After a hearty lunch of gyros it was time for the ladies to get their shop on.  The afternoon was spent zig zagging in and out of Athens charming little streets, stocking up on world famous Poet Sandals (as worn by Jackie O and John Lennon), bags and clothing.  No matter how tired girls are, there is always energy to shop!

That night we all headed out a typical Greek dinner which included seven lip smacking courses and unlimited wine.  All for just thirteen Euros. Pretty good bang for your buck.  After that it was onward to the Hookah Bar and Spirit Nightclub. It was here that B2A took control of the dance floor and partied till the wee hours of the morning.

Next day everyone awoke for and set sail from Athens port for a day trip to the Island of Aegina.  This was the Greece everyone was expecting, complete with the requisite white buildings that everyone sees on postcards.  Motor scooters and ATVs provided the ideal transport to circumnavigate the Islands winding hills.  Olive trees and well preserved ruins dotted the rugged Island and the views of the glistening sea were jaw dropping.  On return home it was everyone’s last night in Athens.  Time to break out the Ouzo again. Yamas!

Good times were had. Good friends made. The trip has been one to remember and as everyone is sad to depart.  Prague, Vienna and Interlaken await us for the rest of semester. Skiing, Baroque architecture, Absinthe and Thanksgiving are on the horizon…The fun ain’t over yet.

Coming Up…

In the following weeks we have trips to Budapest, Venice, Verona, Vienna, Salzburg.  And don’t forget about Interlaken this Thanksgiving (with departures from cities throughout Europe)

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