Avoid the pitfalls of studying abroad in Italy

Studying in Florence will no doubt be one of the greatest experiences of your life.  You’ll view artworks that revolutionized history, you’ll soak up Italian culture, you’ll meet hundred of likeminded students.  Memories will be made and good times will be had.  But there is one important pitfall to avoid– Getting stuck in Florence.

With a student population of 3000 and numerous pumping bars and clubs, it ain’t hard to see how the city can seduce you every night of the week.  10 Euro for 5 shots, cheap beer at the Red Garter Pub, Karaoke, shots, dancing, more shots.  By the time Friday rolls round your head is pounding and your liver in agony.   There is no way you could navigate yourself halfway across Europe.  Hectic train stations, dodgy taxi drivers, rip off merchants left, right and centre.  All combined with not really knowing where you are going or how you are getting there.  It is all just too much for a hung-over student.  So back to the bar it is and the cycle repeats.

Sure, maybe some students just come to Florence to party and live a life similar to life back home.  They trade Bud for Peroni and MTV for Michelangelo.  This then is where their adventure stops.   They settle in and before they know it the semester is over and they are on a plane back home. No stamps in their passport. No experiences other than Florence and regrets aplenty.

You’ve come to Europe…Get out there and explore. Don’t be left wondering.  Florence is the ideal gateway to the rest of Europe.  Savvy students will make the most of their time and travel from Thursday to Sunday ever week, soaking up the best that Europe has to offer.

Snowboard or skydive the Swiss Alps one week.  Shop till you drop in Prauge the next.  Get in the festive spirit at the stunning Munich Christmas markets.  Perhaps head off to Venice and Verona for a more well rounded Italian experience.  Don’t forget trips to Niece, Pisa and Greece- It is all there waiting for you.  Whatever you do – Don’t leave Europe pondering what could have been.

Don’t worry – There is still partying aplenty. Only it is done in different locations, with different people.  Why not drink Greek ouzo, German beer, and Czech absinthe, rather than just Italian wine.  Why not wander the streets of Prauge, Vienna and Budapest?  It’s all right there on your doorstep.

Open yourself up to new experiences.

You’ll never know if you never go.

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