How to pack for a city Loop

By Dakota Green

Today’s the day! Spring Break is finally here and you’re ready for the most action-packed and adventurous week of your semester abroad. YOU’RE GOING ON A LOOP! The thought of traveling to multiple cities in one week is exciting, but fitting all of the clothes you need for each different city into one suitcase can be a challenge! Take a deep breath, Bus2alps is here to help you remember the most essential items you need to bring with you on your trip!

image01By far the most important thing to remember is comfortable walking shoes. As I’m sure you’ve learned in your adventures across Europe, you are bound to do A LOT of walking. If you want to see everything on your bucket list in each city, as well as tag along for the free walking tour in each destination, you need to be ready to move! Although your sneakers may not be the cutest pair of shoes you own, you’ll be happy you chose functionality over fashion.


In order to make your life easier while traveling, you should fill your suitcase with versatile pieces. You are bound to re-wear some of the clothes you bring, so why not plan ahead for that? A simple dress can easily be layered over leggings and paired with a scarf during the day. At night switch your shoes out for booties and toss on a leather jacket and you’re ready to hit the town! By planning on wearing each item you bring more than once, you’ll have more choices when getting dressed for the day and you’ll be far less stressed towards the end of the trip when you realize you’re out of t-shirts.


Although you may associate the words “Spring Break” with a beach and a margarita, keep in mind that some of the places you’re visiting may still be on the chilly side. Pro tip: instead of packing your big jacket and wasting space in your luggage, bring it on the bus with you and it can double as a blanket!


Don’t forget to pack a bus bag! Instead of trying to cram every little thing into your suitcase, then having to dig for your eye mask before every bus ride, pack a smaller bag to bring with you on the bus with all of the essentials: headphones, neck pillow, dramamine, and most importantly snacks!

In the midst of midterms, packing for your Spring Break Loop can be hectic. Just remember that as long as you have your passport and a sense of adventure, you’re ready for the best week of your life!

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