How to pack for your beach spring break

By Dakota Green

The time has finally come! It’s time to put down those pens and grab your flip flops, it’s Spring Break! What better way to reward yourself for crushing your midterms than heading to the beach? The last thing you need right now is to worry about what to pack. Never fear! Bus2alps is here to help you make sure you have all the essentials for the best week of your semester abroad.


Most importantly: your swimsuit. The one and only thing you need to relax on a beach or play in the ocean.

Remember to bring a few fancier outfits. Weather you’re going out to dinner in Lagos or Santorini, you’re bound to go out for a fancy night over Spring Break. Make sure to have a nicer outfit that is versatile and can work for going out to dinner, and hitting the town later.


Although you may have this image of perfect weather for your entire trip, make sure to be prepared for rain or a chilly day on the beach. A light jacket is never a bad idea, and it can always double as a coverup for a quick lunch by the ocean!

Make sure to have sensible footwear. Although flip-flops are what you will most likely be wearing 90% of your trip, you also are going to want sneakers if you decide to go ATVing or adventuring around the city. They can be easily forgotten but are absolutely essential.

Don’t bother bringing a beach towel. Whether you buy a famous Santorini towel at the Pink Palace, or barter with someone on the beach in Barcelona for a tapestry, a beach towel from your Spring Break destination can make an awesome souvenir that you can use your whole trip.


Mom won’t be there this time to remind you to constantly reapply sunscreen, but buying sunscreen at your local market before your trip will save you money. Sunscreen can be incredibly overpriced at your hostel or at the beach, so grab a bottle at Conad before you leave to save yourself the hassle.

Don’t forget to pack a bus bag! Instead of trying to cram every little thing into your suitcase, then having to dig for your eye mask before every bus ride, pack a smaller bag to bring with you on the bus with all of the essentials: headphones, neck pillow, dramamine, and most importantly snacks!


Most importantly, bring your sense of adventure and your passport. Get ready to make all of your friends back home jealous with your new bronze and your awesome new profile picture. Be prepared for the best week of your study abroad.

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