Bus2alps partners with Flypside to help connect travelers

Bus2alps is so excited about our partnership with the new app Flypside! This app helps you to meet people before even arriving in a new location by creating a forward-facing timeline. They’ve recently published a blog about our new partnership, and we’d like to share it with all of you.

Flypside is an app for people in motion, so it’s hardly surprising that as word starts to spread we’re finding friends – and users – and developing relationships in the travel community. Our latest partner is Bus2alps, a leading tour operator for student travel in Europe.

Based in the Swiss Alps, Bus2alps runs trips to more than 40 destinations across Europe and North Africa taking some 30,000 passengers a year on a range of exciting tours. Not bad for a company whose maiden trip was a rescue mission to help a group of study abroad students get to Interlaken after they’d been stranded in Florence by a train strike.

There are worse places to be stranded of course, and while Flypside wasn’t around in 2003 when Bus2alps came to the rescue, the app is now a valuable tool for those on the move, and ideal for making the most of our time wherever we end up – whether we intended to be there or not.

Bus2alps passengers obviously know where they’re heading, but having Flypside along for the ride enables them to find and communicate with each other before and as they travel, creating a greater overall experience, according to Marketing Manager Virginia Fay.

“Partnering with Flypside has been a great connection for Bus2alps,” she says. “With its focus on connecting travelers, it’s a perfect way for our guests to meet other people who will be on their trips or just in the same city at the same time!”

Virginia was an instant convert after discovering the revolutionary new app and giving it a try.

“Flypside is a such a fun, unique way for people to make instant connections wherever they are, not to mention find out about all kinds of events and activities they might never get to experience otherwise,” she says. “With a sleek, easy to use design, this app is a must-have.”

As well as cross-promotion of our respective services, Flypside’s partnership with Bus2alps enables the tour operator’s passengers to be identified as such in their Flypside user profiles, making it even easier to find each other and make connections ‘on the Flypside’.

Scott Adelson, Flypside’s Chief Growth Officer, says: “Flypside is not specifically a travel app – it’s for users to find and connect with the right people at the right time in the right place, regardless of why they’re on the move – but forging relationships with the travel sector and community obviously makes great sense on a number of levels, not least because we are all keen travelers ourselves.”

“Bus2alps has a great story, and its passengers will have plenty more of their own courtesy of their travel experiences – which can only be enhanced by meeting people along the way, something made even easier by Flypside.”

To find out more about Flypside partnerships, visit www.flypside.com. (The free app is also available in the App Store and at Google Play.) You can check out Bus2alps atwww.bus2alps.com.

This blog was originally published on Flypside.

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