How to Decide which Spring Break Trip to Take

We know you just arrived, but Spring Break is coming, and you’ve got 10 glorious days to fill with travel all over the world. We’re crossing off cities and countries from our bucket lists on The Western Loop, we’re island hopping our way from Athens to Santorini and Corfu on Greece Island Hopping, and we’re seeing the best of Italy from the Amalfi Coast, to the ruins in Rome, and eating our way through Tuscany on our Italian Getaway. How will you ever decide which trip is best for you? Have no fear. The blue crew is here to help ensure you pick the best trip, and then we’ll make sure it’s the Spring Break of a lifetime!

Step 1: When Is Your Spring Break?

Okay okay, an obvious first step. But, some of our trips only run on certain weekends! If only one trip is available when you’ve got your break. Voila! Decision Made.

Here’s our 2020 schedule!

March 6th 10 Days In Greece

Wander your way through the ancient ruins of Athens, gaze at arguably the most photogenic sunsets of all time in Santorini, then relax and party your way through a plate-smashing good time seaside in Corfu. Sometimes, having only one option is the best option. The only thing left for you to do is to get inspired and excited for all that Greece has to offer. Check out our itineraries and other blog posts like this and this. If you’re ready to lock in the cheapest price possible, book now here! Don’t forget to use a code of one of your favorite guides to save a little €€€.

March 12th & March 19th:
Greece AND The Western Loop!

So clearly, you need Step 2 to help you decide whether Greece or The Western Loop is the trip for you and your friends. First, familiarize yourself with the details of our trips here. Still can’t make up your mind? Have no fear. We’ve made a quiz for that! Scroll down and let the internet algorithm work its magic.

April 02:
Italian Getaway

Step 2: Quiz!

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So where are you off to for Spring Break?
Comment below and share this quiz if your friends need a little help deciding!

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