Fall 2012 Schedule Online – Let’s do it!

Friends don’t let friends miss out on a freakin awesome time abroad! Our Fall 2012 trips are on the website and it is go time. It’s time for all of those headed to Europe, to sign up for the times of their lives at Oktoberfest, The Amalfi Coast, Croatia, Interlaken,oktoberfest groupIreland, a Fall Break trip, and every other cool European locale you can think of. Hell, why don’t you take a week and come back and visit us as well.
To kick off what will definitely be another memorable fall we are throwing lots of fan fare with discounts and other fun stuff. In addition we will be launching some new trips by the end of July. Details will be sent out through our Fall Facebook Groups, which you and your buds going abroad this fall should all be a part of, and via a newsletter announcement.
Oktoberfest is going off and our other trips are soon follow. If last Fall was any indication, trips may sell out before September arrives. Be a pal, pass this along, and make sure your friends have the incredible time abroad that you did, and fill Bus2alps with the joy of cool travel buddies.

Facebook Time

We want to chat with your friends coming abroad. Seeing as we are more than just a tour operator, our Facebook groups are meant for everyone headed abroad to ask us questions, bounce ideas, and engage in all the excitement that goes into leaving home and headed somewhere new. Pass along our Facebook group links for Fall 2012:

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