Packing Lightly for a European Summer

By Becca Pilolla 

IMG_4533After all the rain has come and gone, the heavy sweaters are packed away till fall, and the bikini season is upon us, there’s only one thing to really start to prepare yourself for.  It’s summers in Europe.

The best part about jet setting for a summer in Europe; is the light packing!  You will not need to fill a huge suitcase.  It takes a lot of light, “airy” clothes, and a few fun accessories.  For starters, ladies, pack lots of fun flirty skirts, those linen lightweight pants, dresses, and basic tanks and tees.  You’re not here for very long, so just bring the basic necessities.

Add a fun light scarf, or a cool piece of jewelry to make a statement and change up the outfits every once in a while.  You want to make sure you can wear these things when it’s really hot out, and you need to be able to wear them over again.  H&M is great with selling basic tees, tanks and skirts for 5€ and they are located as frequently as a Starbucks in America, so you’re set with your basic shopping once you arrive!
Pack a pair or two of jeans, a few fun “warmer” (longer pants, blouses, light weight sweater, etc) going out pieces that you can use sporatically throughout the cooler summer nights.  Your most important packing items will be layers.  You’ll want a jeans jacket to throw on over just about everything.  You’ll need that cardigan for days when the wind blows, and you’ll want those tank tops to throw on with a skirt, or under a shirt.  And you’ll most definitely want those cool fun scarfs!
As far as shoes go, flats are your favorite in Europe with all the cobblestones.  Fun oxfords, ballet flats, short summer boots.  You can wear them out at night or during the day.  Leave the heels in the USA, girls.  Coming from a girl who wears heels all day everyday back in the states, trust me you’ll be glad you sparedIMG_4545 them.  First off, it’s hard to walk in those 3 inches on the cobblestones, and second, if you can manage to strut down the streets, your heels will actually get ruined.  Wedges are the way to go.  They are much easier to walk in, they don’t get ruined as easily, and they are much easier to handle on the cobblestones.  For an added bonus, they still give you the same lift, and make your legs look just as great as heels do!  Pack your wedges, don’t stick out like a sore thumb and be that American attempting to walk around in heels.
Minimal packing is needed for a European Summer.  Just remember your necessities, and key pieces in outfits, layers, and fun statement accessories to boost your outfit and change it up!

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