10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up And Move To Greece


The 9-5 job or the heavy workload from school can sometimes have you late-night google searching tropical, far-away destinations. Look no further than Greece. As if you didn’t need enough reasons to go to Greece, we made sure to give you 10 solid ones:

1. Gyros

If heaven in a pita isn’t enough reason to pack your bags and head to Greece, then I don’t know what is.  For prices lower than the dollar menu at your local fast food joint, you can get a hot pita filled with shaved meat, tomatoes, onions, french fries, and of course a healthy dollop of tzatziki sauce. The only question is, why stop at one when you can have two?tumblr_myjyfmlbxN1sc0at9o1_500

2. Toga parties

A trip to Greece is a perfect excuse to finally recycle your sheets and dress like the Greek Gods for a night. Just make sure to Youtube some toga tying techniques beforehand, because shockingly, it’s not as easy as it looks.  GovumWM

3. Original Marathon

Marathons have been growing in popularity and come in all shapes and forms these days; you can end up covered in paint, face all sorts of muddy obstacles, and even adorn yourself with glow sticks for a night version of these runs. So why not go to the place where it all started? Give thanks for the opportunity to dedicate months of sweat and tears for the unbeatable adrenaline rush that comes along with running a marathon.tumblr_lx8hq7zixu1r3hcijo1_250

4. Feta

“The feta is better.” Something you’ll be saying a lot once you’re enjoying a Greek salad in its actual homeland, this crumbly cheese is simply life-changing.


5. Jewelry

Greece has some really phenomenal jewelry; what with evil eyes adorning everything from rings to bracelets and beautiful lava rock necklaces in Santorini, you really can’t go wrong. Get ready to get that credit card out, and ice yourselves.


6. Bluewater

You know those pictures that come as a standard desktop on just about every computer, yeah that’s actually real life in Greece. Without Instagram filters.


7. Santorini

Whose Facebook cover photo couldn’t use a little revamping? Become a model for a day with Santorini as your backdrop. Here, beautiful white houses line the cliff sides with an occasional blue roof or splatter of vibrant color brightening up the horizon.


8. Greek People

If the landscape and the food haven’t convinced you yet, the people of Greece are enough of a reason to come visit this country. Greek people are friendly, happy, and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle that makes this country even more welcoming. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your very own Kostos.


9. History

Remember when you had to read the Odyssey in middle school? Well, that’s just part of the extensive history of Greece. Here you can learn all about the tales of Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and all the other Greek Gods you grew up learning about. Not to mention, the remains of old architecture like the Acropolis, parts of the original Olympic stadiums, and the Parthenon.


10. Island Hopping

There is no better place to try out that new bathing suit and go island hopping than Greece. There are dozens of islands to choose from including Ios, Mykonos, Corfu, and Milos; each one only getting more beautiful than the last. The only question is, why aren’t you already on a boat sailing around?



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