How To Get The Cheapest Flight Deals In November

By Jennifer Leavy 

For those who like to take to the skies for their traveling or are journeying from another city other than the Bus2alps pick-up locations, Bus2Alps has a special Meet Us There option for select destinations like Prague, Interlaken Winter, Ireland, and Morocco.

All four of these destinations have many trips happening in November, so if riding in a bus isn’t your thing then taking a plane is always a great solution and a perfect option for our Meet Us There trips. So that begs the question: How do you get an awesome flight deal for November?

Use the Right Sites

Be careful with the websites you use to search for flights, as some sites like Expedia will make the prices of flights appear much higher than they really are. One site that offers amazing deals on flights for students is Student Universe. A few other good sites include STA Travel and CheapOair. Also, it’s good to research and compare flights before booking in order to choose the deal that best works for you.

Look for Budget-Friendly Airlines

For the best flight deals, it’s good to know which airlines won’t break the bank. In Europe, there is an excellent selection of budget-friendly airlines with strong ratings, such as Vueling, EasyJet, and RyanAir. These airlines have flights between most major cities in Europe and even Morocco.

And finally,

Look Out for Sales and Errors

Though most operations are done online, airlines are still run by humans so there can be mistakes in flight prices that’ll help you save some serious cash this November. Errors can be anything from a miscalculation in currency exchange rates to a simple glitch of the airline’s website. Some helpful sites for keeping a close eye on these kinds of errors are Skyscanner and Airfare Watchdog. You should also, of course, keep a close eye on sales, especially since November is a hot month for flight deals. Subscribe to the airlines’ marketing lists so you’ll be in the know of any surprise or upcoming sales deals before you book.

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