Why We Ride Blog Finalists

The finalists for this year’s Why We Ride Blog Event are out! Thank you all for your submissions. We all ride for different reasons. Some ride for value, others ride for convenience, many ride because it is the best freakin time of their lives. Whatever you reason, we want to hear about it. The Spring 2012 Bus2alps Why We Ride Blog is now in its finals. The best story wins you a chance to make an even greater memory on a Bus2alps trip in April.

Vote on the survey below for the Why We Ride Blogger who most deserves to travel on another Bus2alps trip.

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Here are the links to the finalists so you can read why their experiences with Bus2alps were so incredible. Read on below to see all other submissions for this year’s experience.

“Take me back to Switzerland” by Lauren N.
“The best weekend of my life – London” by Samantha W.
“Do they have microwaves in Italy” – by Katrina H
“Interlaken = Best Weekend of My Life” by Meghan M.

To see all submissions, click here.

Thanks everyone for riding.

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