Life in the French Riv

by: Rachel Lampke

While studying abroad in Barcelona I have been able to experience all that Spain or rather, Catalonia, has to offer. The culture, cuisine, atmosphere and lifestyle have been an amazing addition to my academic career. The opportunities that we are given while “studying” in Europe are incredible – and made much easier with programs such as Bus2Alps to see the rest of the continent!

Last month, I traveled with Bus2Alps from Barcelona to the French Riviera. It sounded as if it was going to be such an expensive weekend aimed mainly at the rich and famous people typically found vacationing there. Luckily, Bus2Alps and the guides that joined the trip gave us great suggestions on where to go for food and shopping on a budget while in the south of France, as well as a great deal for transportation and accommodations while there! I would have spent so much more on a hostel or hotel if I came without their guidance and I doubt I would have found such a great hostel in walking distance of major sites to check out in Nice. It was perfect to be able to go to Nice for the weekend and have the company organized trips through the town as well as guided tours and transportation to Monaco and Eze the rest of the weekend!

The guided tour served as our introduction to where we’d be staying for the weekend and allowed us to ask questions on things we saw and were interested in checking out later. We were fortunate to be able to experience Carnival in France as well! A total different feel than Carnival in Barcelona. Regardless of the festival, it was a relaxing weekend on a beautiful beach that I doubt I would have even thought of to visit while in Europe mainly because of the expensive connotation of the name “French Riviera”.

I would highly recommend checking out any tours Bus2Alps offers – with the experienced and friendly staff to the easy booking of hot spots all over Europe, it makes our short stay studying abroad much more memorable!

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