Why Fall In Europe Is Awesome

By Sara Wiseman

The leaves are crisping at the end of twigs. Elbowing men, women and children to get through piazzas isn’t wholly necessary anymore. Your favorite gypsies are bundling up. The smell of fall is in the air! Here are few things you need to know about fall in Europe:


1. Chill out.   I don’t know about you, but most of my summer consisted of heavy perspiration and wishing the heat would stop. One of the greatest things about fall in Europe (particularly Italy) is the fact that it’s cooling down. We are no longer constantly reminded of our out-of-shapeness as we climb what seems like thousands of stairs to apartments that are likely sans air conditioning.

Italy in fall will be rainy but temperatures won’t fall much lower than 50 degrees. This also means a decrease in bug bites. Less mosquitoes means less time spent scratching and looking like a coke-head tweaker! Joy to all!
mulled wine

2. Hot drinks. Cooler weather means you can drink hot beverages without feeling like you’re going to die! So, you should get a little lesson in culture and try some traditional hot European beverages like hot or mulled wine. Hot booze may sound like a different concept but you should definitely take a sip of this European tradition.

3. Beat the crowds. Most of my summer days were spent fighting through masses of middle-aged tour groups. They listened attentively to the their umbrella wielding shepherd and therefore paid no attention to any pedestrian. Praise the cooler weather as, alas, tourism season is drawing to a close. You’ll be able to climb the Duomo without waiting for hours and you’ll even be able to catch a bus and not feel as if it’s the last lifeboat from the Titanic.

4. New wardrobe. The fall also offers a chance to show off a new wardrobe to all of your new friends. They may be accustomed to seeing the same tank top and shorts combo and now (watch out!), here you come in clothes they’ve never seen before! Bust out the sweaters and scarves without copious amounts of neck-sweat. If studying or visiting in Tuscany, it’s also time to treat yourself to a leather jacket. Take a stroll through the leather markets and haggle your way into owning a fantastic new addition to your attire.

5. Festivals. A new season also means new festivals. Keep your eye out around your city for music festivals or seasonal events. A famous festival happening soon is the EuroChocolate Festival in Perugia. It’ll get your sweet tooth aching with chocolate tastings, displays, sculpting and street performances.

So, it’s no longer beach season which kind of sucks. But, hopefully these points got you pumped up for a great fall in Europe!

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