Fall Break Prep

By Jillian Giannelli

Study abroad is everything you dreamed of and more.  You have traveled to more countries in the last month and a half than you probably have in your life.  From France to Spain to Croatia, it is safe to say that you are officially cooler than your friends who are partying back in the States.

However, your Instagram buds haven’t seen anything until they’ve seen your pics from fall break.  Perhaps you’re heading out on an island hopping tour of Greece, or visiting four major European cities in 10 days.  Wherever you may be heading, it is time to get psyched.  This is the trip of a lifetime and fall break season officially upon us.

Here are some tips to get you prepped for fall break:

Get excited.  This is a big deal.  Sure, you’re living in Europe and somehow this has all come to seem entirely normal.  Well, it’s not.  People dream of heading to Europe their entire lives and never make it.  You’re here, make the most of it.

Pack accordingly.  The places you’re heading may have much different weather than your host city.  Cities like Prague and Paris are already hitting temperatures in the 40s.  As for the Greece-goers, you may have put your flip flops away for the season but you better dig them out.  We are looking at 70’s and sunny!

Have an open mind.  Traveling can change your life if you let it.  Step outside your comfort zone, try something new, don’t be afraid to get lost.  These 10 days can make or break your semester.

Don’t hate, appreciate.  While traveling, things go wrong.  Don’t get flustered.  Take it in, learn from it, and remind yourself that you are lucky to have this experience.  People would do some crazy things to travel around Europe for 10 days.

Bus2alps wishes you the very best fall break.  Show us your journey by tagging @bus2alps_travel on Instagram!

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