What Your Favorite Gelato Flavor Says About You

You know what they say, a gelato a day keeps the doctor away.

…. That is what they say, right?

Anyway, it’s clear that gelato is an imperative part of the italian diet.  It’s not hard to choose to go get it, however, it is hard to choose which flavor to order. Flavor options are plentiful, let me tell you. It takes careful deliberation, a few shameful samples, and  sometimes 5 minutes of silent mental calculations to settle on YOUR flavor. So after all of this crucial decision making, what is your favorite gelato flavor saying about you?  

grom gelato

Pistachio – You’re not afraid to eat something green. You’re particular about what you like but also adventurous…. and maybe just a bit nutty. 😉

gelato coffee

Caffe – You’re a triple shot at Starbucks kind of girl. Caffeine in your gelato? Hell ya.

nutella gelato

Nutella – #basic. But hey, if being basic tastes like nutella gelato, I’m in.

dark chocolate gelato

Dark chocolate – You’re not the girl who samples 6 flavors, researches the most popular choices on TripAdvisor, calls a friend for advice and then settles (guilty…). You’re confident, sophisticated and know what you want. You can probably also order an Italian panini without completely overdoing it with toppings (the American way.) Keep doing your thing dark chocolate.


Stracciatella – Pretty much as close as you can get to cookies and cream. You probably also eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, enjoy an occasional juice box, and would choose Spongebob shaped mac&cheese over most other options…you’re forever young and the life of the party.


Vanilla – If it’s not broken why fix it? Vanilla was good, is good and will always be good. You find delight in the simple things in life and keep it classy. You also stain your pants much less with gelato.

mintchip gelato

Mint chip – You’re a bundle of energy! In animal world you’re the dog chasing its tail and running around in circles

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