What To Pack Firenze Style

By Becca Pilolla

Yes, Europe is a great place study abroad, it’s filled with all sorts of different kinds of culture and experiences to come. Yes, it is a different country, a different type of clothes, and even different food. But it’s just in Europe, it’s not like you are changing planets! So let’s think realistically when you pack.

For starters, all your toiletries can mostly be purchased here. Florence sells Herbel Essence shampoo and DOVE deodorants. So only bring the main things you really need. But feel free to pack some small travel ones for when you first arrive, and when you travel on the weekends. Just cutting a lot of your toiletries will save a lot of room in your suitcase.

Secondly, a girl’s best friend, shoes. Of course Italy is the fashion capital of the world, but that does not mean that the same 5 inch stilettos will fly on the streets here. So instead, bring a couple fabulous pairs of flats, boots, gladiator type of sandals. Flip flops are great for when you go to the beaches, or use the shower in the hostels, but not so much to wear on the street in public. If you don’t have boots at home, don’t worry, there are a million and one places to find a great pair here in Florence. Now, I know a lot of girls, like myself, will just not be able to never wear any type of heel. So instead of the heels girls, bring the wedges! They are much more confortable, and a LOT easier to use when you walk on these Italian cobblestones!

And finally, all those clothes! Layers are always a great idea. Tanks under shirts, under a blouse, under a nice jacket or vest give you lots of options for when it gets hotter or colder during the day. I recommend bringing a lighter jacket and a heavier one. But since you are heading to Italy, skip the light one and just buy yourself a nice leather jacket while you’re over here, and pack a Northface. The best place to get a jacket will be at Massimo’s Leather It’s located at Via Canto De’ Nelli 47. All kinds of shirts that you can mix and match with different jeans, skirts, shorts are a good idea. I enjoy bringing basic tank tops as well for underneath things to add an extra layer of clothing.

Then we have what practically makes any outfit, accessories. Bringing a lot of basic jewelry that you will wear everyday, plus maybe a few statement pieces for when you head out for all the nightlife. Scarfs! They are always a game changer when it comes to an outfit. They can change it up as well as dress it up! But don’t worry about wasting so much space in your suitcase for those scarves, Italy is swarming with them on every corner for about 5€! Besides it’s a great gift to give out to all your friends when you get back home.

All in all don’t forget that you will be here for about 4 months, so make sure that you do bring that favorite sweater of yours, and your favorite skirt you’ve been saving for a special day. Because let’s face it, this whole semester is going to be filled with all kinds of special days!

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