Interlaken Adventures

Interlaken, Switzerland is well-known for its extreme activities culture.  They have got it all from canyon jumping to canyoning (not to be confused with one another), from skydiving to paragliding, from skiing to snowboarding and if normal sledding in the Swiss Alps isn’t edgy enough for you there is also the opportunity to sled in the pitch black.  From personal experience, I can say that paragliding, canyoning, normal sledding and night sledding are must-do’s and life changers.  I may or may not have been the one whining and crying the most prior to all of these activities and ended up being the one in front of the group and craving to do more when it was all over.  While there are plenty more activities to consider varying in extremity, here is a little more information on my personal favorites.


Paragliding: This adventure begins with a short but beautiful ride from Interlaken to Beatenberg Amisbühl.  From there, you grab all of your paragliding gear and walk a few minutes to your jump off point.  Once you are all harnessed in and ready to go, you run for a few minutes until your feet keep going but suddenly there is no ground under them anymore.  This is the perfect transition for those looking to avoid the whole “dropping of the stomach” feel you get when on a roller coaster.  The best part of this activity is that you get to see Interlaken from a bird’s eye view and slowly make your way back down to town.  Excellent experience!

Day Sledding:  Doesn’t sound too intense does it?  Well, let me warn you that sledding in the Swiss Alps is not for babies! 738069_10151203946816657_1659673599_o  You can rent snow pants, goggles, gloves and snow boots at Outdoor Interlaken so you are ready to to hit the trails.  From Interlaken, it is a quick bus ride followed by a train ride up the mountain and then you are off!  The trails vary from steep and fast to slow and scenic.  This is an excellent way to spend the day, especially if you are worried about getting left out if all of your friends know how to ski or snowboard.  The mountain definitely does not discriminate and has something to offer for everyone!

Night Sledding With Fondue: This activity is awesome!  Not only is it extreme and fun, but it includes a fondue dinner at the end.  Can you possibly think of anything better than that?!  Once you get all kitted out at Outdoor Interlaken with your proper snow gear, you hop into a van and take a 15 minute ride into the Swiss Alps.  From there, you hop into a gondola to make sure you are high enough to make the sledding adventures last as long as possible.  And then, the child in you comes out to play as you zip down the mountain for an hour with nothing but the moon and stars lighting the way.  Of course, all of the excitement works makes you work up an appetite so you finish the night off with a delicious cheese fondue dinner and a beer.  Fantastic!


Canyon Jump:  OK, I can’t actually speak from experience on this one.  I am still (ever so slowly) building up the courage for this one.  But, if you are looking for an extreme and unique experience to get the adrenaline pumping then this activity is calling your name.  I think this one is best expressed with a video…click here for the full effect.kelsey canyon jumping bus2alps

Bus2alps is a student travel agency that provides winter and summer weekend trips to Interlaken.  Please refer to our Interlaken Activities page for more information on all of the wild and crazy things you can do during your weekend in Switzerland.

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