What Do You Do During The Week?

By Becca Pilolla

IMG_2888It’s our favorite question we get every weekend. “So what is it that you all do during the week? Just go around and have fun?” Actually it’s a little more complicated than that.  Yes we do enjoy our coffees at Astor, our apperativo’s at Friends Café, but that’s not all we do. As rewarding as this job is, there is still a lot of work that goes into making sure our weekends run smooth, and you have the best time ever!

Monday plays more like our Saturday. We have a lot of paper work to complete, and get everything settled from the last weekend and start prep for our next weekend. You know, running around doing all the Saturday errands. And then Tuesday rolls around, and things are less chaotic. We’ve already finished all of the last weekends post trip work, and have started the new weekends trip prep work. So we get to relax a little, like a Sunday.

Wednesday the craziness comes up slightly again. We are making sure everything is set to go come Thursday. Having meetings and attempting at a good nights sleep before our Thursday comes.

Then comes Thursday. We are running around making sure all the last minute details are good to go, the loose ends are all tied up, packing, and getting ready for another great weekend in a fabulous destination. Meeting all our new friends at the train station, and then hoping on that Bus2alps Bus!

So yes, we do live a great life, we love our jobs, we get to travel a lot, eat great food, and meet outstanding people. Life is too short to not want to go to work or do something you’re not passionate about. So enjoy what you have going for you right now, even the stressful parts!

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