Snapshots and Selfies

By Abbie D’Errico

It’s undeniable that you will be taking countless numbers of photos while you are abroad. Five in front of the faraglioni tunnel in Capri, fifteen next to the Colosseum in Rome and of course the epic twenty-seven cheersing your steins at Munich Springfest. Probably some number totaling in the thousands, yes THOUSANDS (not a bad idea to invest in an external hard drive)! Get ready for some very envious and absolutely affirming comments from your friends and fam bam!

Anyone who is visiting a new place, especially one that encompasses a famous lifestyle or holds some of the most well known monuments is without a doubt traveling with camera in hand. Now, you’ve probably already been told to make sure you get pictures of yourself and not just your surroundings. This is very true and you should listen. But keep in mind that the more you travel, the more photos you will have in front of monuments and taking over cities and nobody wants to look like they were cut and pasted into the photo. So be sure to be creative and have fun when taking those once in a lifetime snapshots!!

P.S. There are some photo ops that you just can’t miss…Tossing your euro coin into the Trevi Fountain, pushing up the Leaning Tower in Pisa, posing like a guard in front of Buckingham Palace are definitely must do’s. No shame in striking that “touristy” pose!

Happy Selfie Snapping!







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