Travel Tip of the Week – Nice is nice for jumping off

Use Nice as your jumping off point for your French Rivera weekend

You have survived winter, you have survived the spring showers, now reward yourself with fun in the sun. Now is the time to bath in the blue waters of the Cote d’Azur and roll the dice with millionaires in Monte Carlo.

Staying in Nice allows you to access all of the activities and places that have enticed you to this region. Hop on a bus and head just a few stops north to Monaco. Monaco offers magnificent yachts to drool over and fancy gambling destinations. Get back on the railway and head just a few stops south of Nice and you are in Cannes- the “star” of the coast due to its famous film festival and glitzy resort hotels.

After a long and busy semester some of you may just want to stay put and relax, Nice is the best place to do that.  It sounds cliché but Nice has something for everyone- truly. Nice’s polished pebble shores are chock full of sun-seakers sipping cocktails. Also, you can get your people watching fix while strolling along the famous waterfront street, Promenade des Anglais.  The avenue Jean Medecin in Nice is another “must do” with its shops and excellent outdoor restaurants where dining is a lot of fun.

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