Bus 2 Spring Break

Our spring break trips are wrapping up and the only way we can describe this past month’s trips is with one simple word… amazing! We had busloads of students traveling all across Europe; Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Corfu, Athens and Santorini, oh my! Between 90s dance clubs, pub crawls, toga parties, walking tours, booze cruises, beach bumming and ATV rentals, every trip was nothing short of pure epicness.

First up were our trips to the Northern Loop where our buses headed to Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris over 10 days. The first stop on the tour was Prague. Home to amazing sights and insane nightlife, our busload of travelers rocked the city with a walking tour, pub crawl, beer challenge and of course a 90s dance club. With Prague under our belt we boarded the bus for Berlin. A few highlights of the trip were Museum Island, the Berlin wall, Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate. Not to mention the pub crawl and the St. Christopher’s hostel bar were incredibly memorable as well. Amsterdam was out of this world too. From the Ann Frank House, to the famous Heineken experience, to the boat rides through the canals and biking tours through the city, and oh yea sex shows and coffee bars, Bus2alps showed Amsterdam no mercy. Last but not least was Paris where we crawled our final pubs, were blown away by the walking tour and had a photo opt at the Eiffel Tower. With 7 countries covered, and 4 cities rocked, Bus2alpers fell in love with the Northern Loop.

We also had a trip for those ready to soak in the sun in Greece where we not only bussed it but cruised the Adriatic too. We were greeted in Corfu with nothing but sunshine and clear skies. With the iconic Pink Palace as our backdrop the days were spent beach bumming, kayaking, ATV-ing, booze cruising, and toga partying the night away. The perfect mix of relaxation and madness. Our next destination was the historic Athens. We visited the Acropolis, chowed down on gyros, took an awesome walking tour, got custom sandals, and enjoyed the local cuisine. A city unlike any other, Athens is a unique gem. Lastly, for our Grecian vacation was the picturesque Santorini. After a scenic ride to our hotel we all met up in the main square of Thira to watch the famous sunsets the island is known for. Before cruising back to Italy we set out to a Winery, the beach, visited a volcano, and shopped around for final souvenirs. By far Greece was an unforgettable trip.

Now we don’t want to toot our own horn but these trips were just so sick. So let us stop bragging about it and here are some real student reviews for you to see for yourself.


– “I was very impressed with the transportation. The buses were always on time at the hotels and when getting off the ferries!”

– “The guides were great and very helpful. They were great people to come to with questions and just get to know in general.      “

– “They handled all situations very professionally and were very easily approachable with any questions. I hope to see them again on future trips!”

Northern Loop:

– “The trip was planned out extremely well and all events and hostels were great.”

“The hostels were beyond my expectations, the travel was easy and convenient, and the 4 cities were the perfect selection of places to see! LOVE Bus2alps!”


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