Travel Tip of the Week – New Berlin Walking Tour

Sandeman’s New Berlin Tour

Experience Berlin, the city that once divided Europe, with the best walking tour in town (and possibly Europe), the Sandeman’s New Berlin Walking Tour.

Berlin is the most intriguing city in Europe. As a Western student who was pressed to years of learning about World War I and World War II, much of my history education (when not learning about how great the American Revolution and Civil Wars were), revolved around how the chaos in Europe during the 1910s, and the subsequent decades, changed the face of modern Europe. At the heart of this was Berlin. Think hard. We should know so much about Berlin. Yet, the first time I arrived in Berlin I knew so little. For every group I have brought to Berlin, I have posed the same question, what can you tell me about Berlin? Aside from it being the capital of Germany, and that there was a wall once, nothing else resonates.

Still, Berlin is the most historical and uniquely rich city I have been to in Europe. This city was divided by a fortified wall, families were separated and sections of the city were cut off for decades. Two countries were made, and the world was forever changed, right here, in Berlin.

And this is why The Sandeman’s New Berlin Walking Tour (arguably the best walking tour in all of Europe) is the best way to learn Europe’s most captivating and largely unknown city. The tour does a fantastic job of connecting all of those missing dots and bringing significance to such an imporant city. Where once you saw a capital city with its typical skyscrapers and fleeting stories of doped up athletes winning gold medals for the East Germans, you now will have clarity, and an eery feel as to just how significant Berlin’s history is, and how it became the epicenter of Europe.

Oh and not to mention, New Europe has daily tours that focus specifically on the underground alternative scene that makes Berlin’s nightlife so unique, Communism in East Berlin, life during the Third Reich, and an insane Pub Crawl, among others.

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