Spring Break is a Blast with Bus2alps

Simply soak up the sun and smile

The most anticipated time of year for college students- spring break! Just because you are abroad doesn’t mean your spring break spectacular has to change. Ride with Bus2alps and experience your best spring break yet.

Studying abroad has facilitated new friendships with people from all over. Traveling with a tour group does just the same. Bus2alps brings people together to share one common goal: to achieve the enjoyment of traveling to new places with new people.

Bus2alps makes it easy to enjoy your spring break. Student travelers only have to worry about filling their time with the activities and sights that make them smile instead of confirming and booking hostels or confirming and booking transportation. Bus2alps shoulders the logistical pains and provides knowledgeable destination guides on each trip. Instead of wasting time in Amsterdam figuring out the train schedule to Paris, spend it actually enjoying Amsterdam’s incredible atmosphere. Traveling with a tour group is traveling hassle free.

Take advantage of the break from your school program and see the world.  Travel with a group that is dedicated to facilitating fun and making your Spring Break stress free. Spend this spring break riding with Bus2alps soaking in the best-of-the-season destinations, staying in top rated accommodations, enjoying destination guides, creating great memories and more.

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