Travel Tip of the Week: Carpe the Sale

Carpe the Sale.

Last year, I flew round trip from Philly to Phoenix for just around $100. I wasn’t planning on traveling to Phoenix, but Continental Airlines had an incredible promotion running.  I got to climb Camel Back Mountain, party with friends at ASU, and see the Hoover Dam. That’s a win.

I learned about the limited time sale on the flight through an alert from, an online aggregator of airline sales and promotions (needless to say, I’m glad to have been their Twitter follower).  Until just before my trip I had no idea companies like this existed, but lucky for you and I, they do.

I used to be on airline websites all the time. Searching out airfares and planning my dream vacations was fun for me. But today, I no longer have to because of sites like AirfareWatchDog and TravelZoo, a comparable site. Instead of searching for it, it’s all given to me.

Bus2alps is having just one of these right now. We are having a Study Break Sale where we are discounted trips to as low as 50 euro.

Today, my travel tip is not only to add travel sites like these to your favorites on your web browser, to subscribe to their newsletters and to follow them on Twitter, but to also seize the opportunities they present. If the price is right, take a chance on a destination you might not have planned on. You might never get the opportunity again.

Seize the Day. Seize the Sales.

Until next week – safe travels,


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