Best, November, Ever….(hold for dramatic effect)

Well, as much as we have been avoiding it, fall is finally here.  I felt it this morning as I walked to Mama’s Bakery.  For the first time this semester, my over-sized Yankee sweatshirt was a necessity, and the leaves were not quite a green as they were when we all arrived in August.  Unfortunately, our tans are fading and our beach trips are on hold till spring time.  That said, we can still have a better November than an NBA fan or an honest politician, and Bus2alps is super excited about our November trip lineup.  We have carefully planned out the “ultimate November” and it all begins in Prague…Czech it out.

There is no better way to begin November than in the Czech Republic.  Prague is a magical city, and there is everything from two castles to a five story club.  If you appreciate the architecture in Florence, then going to Prague is a necessity.  There is a gothic feel to it, and suffered considerably less damage from World War II than other major European cities so its’ history is preserved in the architecture.  There is a lot to do, including going to the exquisite Prague castle, walking the historic St. Charles Bridge, and taking pictures at the legendary John Lennon Wall.

Rolling green fields and the luck of the Irish await in Dublin and Galway, the heart of the Emerald Island. Stop in for a pint of Guiness as we talk indistinguishable accents with the locals and dance to traditional Irish party music. Okay, I will pump the breaks on the stereotypes. I love Ireland though, especially the day trip out to the West Coast to see the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. The country is greener than you can picture it to be.

Budapest, Hungary is the next stop on our November tour.  Budapest is a city you may not have initially considered prior to arriving here in August, but it honestly is a must see.  It has the beauty of Paris with cheap Eastern European prices.  There are caves and thermal springs, in addition to exquisite palaces.  Its’ history is rich, and we include a walking tour where you can learn about its’ communist past and promising future.  Take the road less traveled and come to Budapest.

Finally, we are inviting you to come on our Vienna and Salzburg trip in Austria.  Austria is the backdrop for the Sound of Music, and the birthplace of Mozart and the home of Red Bull.  The Austrian alps are as gorgeous as the ones in Switzerland and we want you to absorb the rich Austrian culture with us.

Well we promise this is the best three weekend lineup we have.  Prague, Budapest, Vienna & Salzburg.  Three countries and three unforgettable weekends.  We will for sure have more fun than the Boston Red Sox will, and as much as I hate to say it, more fun than the New York Yankees as well.  This semester is flying by, and it is time to book the last few weekends so you can experience as much as possible before we all have to go home.  We can’t wait for you to join us this November.

This blog entry was written by Alli Baldwin.

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