Travel in Style: The ‘Ferrari Train’

In my opinion, the best way to travel is in style like the celeb you really are while still being within the college kid budget.  Allow me to present to you how you can do just that; the ‘Ferrari Train’.

Luca di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari and NTV, is crossing barriers with the Italo train by offering passengers a high-speed service that combines luxury with affordability.  There is no doubt you will feel as if you are amongst the rich and famous as you are zipping from Rome to Milan as you enjoy free access to Wi-Fi in your leather seat or perhaps watch a movie in the cinema carriage.

The introduction of NTV and the Italo train only means positive rewards for passengers.  The new guy on the block has created some competition for state-run Trenitalia which we will all benefit from.  Those that ride the Frecciarosa will now be able to connect to free Wi-Fi as well as take advantage of the recently improved interior.

Aside from the aesthetic perks, the prices are just as pretty.  NTV’s rates are comparable if not better than what you would normally pay for Trenitalia transportation.  You might as well pay the same (or even less!) and feel like a high-roller, right?

At the moment, di Montezemelo’s Italo train is zooming in and out of select train stations such as Tiburtina and Ostiense.  So, when possible, be sure to treat yourself by getting from point A to point B in style without making your wallet feel it too much.

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