A little place I call, Prague

Studying abroad in the summer means bikinis, beaches and lots of sunshine.  The beaches in Europe are famous for a reason.  They are accessible and beautiful and everyone should spend the time it takes to visit them- it’s more than worth it.  That being said, there is no reason to forget about a different kind of paradise.  This paradise is complete with a castle, a ridiculously cheap currency and beer that is cheaper than water.  No, I am not talking about a fairytale, I am talking about Prague.  

Bus2alps runs a trip to Prague on July 5 and there is probably no reason to miss out on it.  Our trip stays at the Czech Inn, which is arguably one of the nicest hostels in Europe.  It’s nicer than most hotels and the included breakfast is one of the reasons I’m doing the trip.  Eggs?  Granola?  Unheard of delicacies in Italy are literally just handed to us up there in the Czech Republic.  

The trip commences (after a breakfast of champions) with a walking tour of the city that finishes with an unreal view of the Prague castle.

Prague Castle


The rest of the trip is spent dancing at an 80s/90s club called Lucerna- (you will want to leave but then Britney Spears comes on…followed by Backstreet Boys…), eating traditional goulash and drinking Czech beer.  Did I mention that beer in Prague is cheaper than water?  

The Czech Korona (the currency in Prague), is ridiculously cheap and makes for a nice weekend out of Italy or Spain.  

Lennon Wall

Get yourself some new earrings on the Charles Bridge, sign the Lennon Wall, and walk up to the Prague Castle and I promise you will fall in love with the most popular city in Eastern Europe.  

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