The Gift Of Travel

By Tena Elman

Although studying abroad has become so popular in the past few years, we should not take this opportunity for granted. We all know a friend or two who was told by a teacher or advisor that they “can’t” study abroad because of their major or scheduling conflicts. I was told, as an education major, that I wasn’t allowed to study abroad. Are you kidding? “Courses are strictly planned out and you have a 4 year plan you must adhere to.” That was all I needed to hear. I did whatever I could and the rest was history. There are many people who are not so lucky, so the chance to study abroad is a gift in itself.

Whatever battle you needed to fight to be able to study outside of your country, you’ve won. Obtaining a student visa, buying your plane tickets, picking your classes, figuring out housing…so much planning goes into this experience but it will all be worth it once you’re over here.

Bus2alps knows how hard you work. We know the challenges you’ve faced to get here, the daily challenges of living in a new city and the language barriers between locals to name a few. With that, we want to make life a little easier for you. In fact, we’ve decided to give you all a gift: the gift of travel.

You might say that traveling is not a gift. I can’t see it. I can’t wear it. I certainly can’t unwrap it. But travel is the greatest gift one could ask for. Although most parents are hesitant to send off their precious 20 year old to a foreign country, they know the experience will change you forever. Experiencing other cultures, learning a different language (or trying to), dealing with stressful situations, and time management are to name a few. Traveling encompasses all of these learning opportunities. And now this is all making sense… Christmas is around the corner, my parents want me to experience said opportunities and Bus2alps is hooking me up!

We all want to travel. Isn’t that why we’re studying abroad in the first place? It really will be a semester of memories that last a lifetime. Embarking on a new adventure every weekend to different cities were my favorite memories, and I know you will enjoy it too.

So, Bus2alps is now offering vouchers to purchase for the value of €50, €100, €200, €500 and €1000. These are valid towards any trip that we offer. An added bonus is that you can purchase these vouchers with a 5% discount code. On top of this, you can still benefit from that gift code for an additional 5% when you book the actual trip! I know, it’s insane.

I sense a dinner table topic tonight, what about you?  And when you’re asking mom and dad for the gift of travel, leave them with this quote by an unknown author, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” Doesn’t every parent want their child to be rich and succesful? They can have both :)

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