Thank You, Fall 2012!

By Jillian Giannelli 

nloop1The fall semester has brought us so much awesome-ness, it’s hard to express.  We’ve met so many amazing people, seen so many beautiful places, and have stepped out of our comfort zones only to realize how much we’ve been missing for the past twenty-something years.  It’s been fabulous, to say the least.

We started the semester with some scorching hot European weather and headed to the Amalfi Coast and Croatia to cool ourselves off in the prettiest blue water we’ve ever seen.  This was a great kick off to the semester and the first step in getting to know all of the students who we became so close with over the semester.  We want to thank you for sipping limoncello with us, making sandals, chair-lifting up to the top of Ana Capri, island hopping in Croatia, and pub crawling in Split.

Then the weather started changing but you guys didn’t give up on Bus2Alps just cause it got a little colder.  It was time for Oktoberfest, the event we’d all been waiting for.   Thanks for sticking it out in the tents at Stoke campsite, prosting in the rain, and dressing up in lederhosen.  We had just as much fun as you! nloop2

Fall break deserves it’s own category.  This is when our friends from our Amalfi Coast trip during week one, turned into family.  These 10 days have been some of the best of our lives and we hope you can say the same.  Between watching the Eiffel tower light up at night, drinking beer in Prague, and watching the sunset in Greece, we couldn’t have been more thankful to have all you guys with us.  As amazing as all these things are, it is the people you are with that make it even more special.  So thanks for giving us 10 days that we will never forget.

We may or may not have shed a tear after fall break but we didn’t let that keep us from having an amazing end of the semester.  We still had time left together and wanted to make the most of it with our new besties!  This is when we headed to Prague for some more beer “tasting,” Interlaken for some canyon jumping, Vienna & Salzburg for a Sound of Music tour, and Budapest for some caving adventures.  Again, thank you!  Thanks for having the courage to jump off of a cliff in Bus2Alps’ hometown.  It makes us proud.

Anyway, as sad as we are to say goodbye, we have to focus on the amazing times we had together and realize how lucky we are!  Thank you for giving us these memories.  And most of all, thank you for taking the time to travel with us, get to know us, and let us get to know you.  It’s been real.  <3


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