The Famous Food at Springfest

Foodie alert! Springfest is way more than booze; it’s a foodie paradise! There are plenty of dishes for all kinds of preferences and likings. Whether you’re a food risk taker or want to stick to delightfully safe treats, we’ve got you. Take a look at some of the yummiest and traditional Springfest foods below!



A traditional white sausage served just right! Meat lover or not, this is a must try! Don’t let its looks deceive you; it tastes a whole lot better than it appears. It’s made of minced veal and pork bacon with variations of flavor and served usually in the mornings until noon. A delicious snack to go with all the beer. Don’t knock it till you try it.


Oh, yes, another king of sausage! Bratwurst can be made with veal, pork, or beef. There are four different kinds of bratwurst: Fränkische Bratwurst, Coburger Bratwurst, Kulmbacher Bratwurst and Nurnberger Rostbratwurst. You can eat the sausage plain, or spice it up by making a sandwich with them.


This fine German cuisine is pig leg–roasted to perfection. Formerly known as a “peasant’s food,” the Schweinhaxe is prepared long before we eat it: marinated for days and roasted for a few hours. This unforgettable pork knuckle is large enough to share as a snack or a yummy meal for yourself. 

Brezen–Soft Pretzels!

They’re large, they’re soft, they’re everything you dream of and more! Twisted into perfect knots and salted, the German pretzel is a MUST. It’s the best treat for the beer in your belly.

Spätzle — Vegetarians, Rejoice!

A perfect dish for all those vegetarians out there! Scared the German meat lovers won’t have tasty plates for you to try? Don’t be, there is plenty of non-meat based foods at Springfest. The Spätzle, aka the German mac-n-cheese is delicious and topped with freshly fried onions, spinach, and various cheeses.


If you’re looking for a snack, try these potato dumplings. The Münchner Knödelei serves them in all variations. From sweet to salty to savory, these dumplings have it all. Believe us, these dough balls will change your life. 


Served on a stick, the grilled fish is authentic and traditional. Originally, white fish and Coregonus were used, but now they incorporate fish like trout, fingering, and mackerel. If you’re looking for food with a lot of options, this a safe bet. We suggest trying it with friends so that each one of you can get a different fish and you can taste them all. 


Gebrannte Mandeln  

If you want something that isn’t too messy and delicately sweet, these roasted almonds are the perfect mix. Bite-size and coated in brown sugar, they’re then cooked to a crispy and crunchy finish. Trust us, these roasted almonds will make your taste buds go NUTS! 


Also known as “lard cakes,” schmalzkuchen are little German doughnuts covered in powdered sugar. Made with lemon and vanilla yeast dough, they are fried to perfection and smell like heaven. And for those vegetarians, it’s become more common to fry these cakes in vegetable fat, so you can try them too! They come in personally sized bags and family sized ones, but let’s be real, after a taste, no one wants the small portion. 


A dessert that looks so good, but tastes even better. If you love traditional American Apple Pie, then this is the German version for you! With a rich, apple filling inside, the apple strudel is a perfect mixture of sweet and satisfying. The typical dough is unleavened with flour, oil, and salt as the recipe, but there are many variations. Topped with sugar, cinnamon, and bread crumbs, give it a taste and never look back!

What foods look good to you? Share which ones you can’t wait to try below!

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