HEAT WAVE: Escape to These Cooler European Destinations ASAP

Hell Hath No Fury Like the Brick-Oven Streets during this Italian Heat Wave. Wanna get out?

Thanks to some wonky weather patterns, the hot hot heat of the Sahara has descended upon much of Western Europe. We’re feelin’ it here in Italy.  Luckily, we’ve got trips to some pretty “cool” locations ?.


Not only is Interlaken on average about 10 degrees cooler than Florence & Rome, it’s nestled right at the foot of the Swiss Alps, meaning the higher you go, the cooler you’ll be. Here are only some of the many things you could do to cool off in Interlaken:

Get High!

Travel to Jungfraujoch—the highest point in Europe, or head to Schilthorn for the most impressive 360 degree views of the Alps (aka more than 200 mountain peaks in one).

Get even Higher!

Jump out of a plane or fly in any other number of ways like paragliding, hang gliding, or bungee jumping.

Jump in!

Cool off in one of the many lakes of Interlaken by doing any number of water sports.  You can amp it up with wakeboarding, wake surfing, waterskiing, and white water rafting, or you can get your zen on with some early morning paddle boarding or kayaking.  Either way, you can’t go wrong cooling off in the crystal clear blue waters.


Want even more? Hop aboard with us to these three cities to see even more views of the Alps, drink some chilled beverages, and dip into refreshing waters of thermal baths. Here are some of the most refreshing moments of this trip:

Take a Dip!

Sure, the baths in Budapest are thermal, but any dip into water will feel oh so refreshing when it’s just this damn hot.

Night-time Breezes on a Cruise!

Join us on a nighttime cruise on the Danube as we float through the city, jaws dropped at the stunning architecture lit up in the night. The best part of all of this? A boat moving on water = a nice cool breeze with a chilled beverage in our hand!

A Tour of the Alps!

Just like in Interlaken, the higher you go, the cooler it gets (thanks altitude)! On the Sound of Music tour, we’ll make our way through the Austrian Alps while we go behind the scenes of the classic movie and learn about the history of the area.

FUN FACT: our busses have A/C & most of the hostels do too!

Ready to chill out?

Book these trips before the seats fill up and you’re stuck battling the heat for another weekend.



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