The Bus2alps Story- Why we are so successful.

Bus2alps was started in February 2003 after a train strike in Italy left students stuck in Florence and unable to reach Interlaken one weekend. Over the years it has grown a a rate of double plus every year as far as student numbers go and also the number of destinations and start cities as we have reacted to student demand. To give you an idea of numbers, since the beginning of January we have had 1100 trips booked by students in Florence, Rome, Prague, Milan, Barcelona and Paris.


1. PRICE and VALUE. In all cases, you cannot do the trip that Bus2alps organises for a cheaper price. Add to that the extra’s that are included plus the convenience of having everything taken care of, it is simply the best way to travel. Completely hassle free and it maximises your time spent at all destinations so that you get the most from your weekend.

2. The company started it all, we have done more trips to more destinations than anyone else. Local knowledge is KING. We don’t need to quote guide books in our brochures because we have been there and tailor our trip schedules so that YOU get the very best weekend!

3. More trips to more destinations. We are constantly adding trips, destinations, activities and cities. This semester we have added trips from Berlin, Prague, Paris and Barcelona. As for destinations we have added Ibiza, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hossegor in France for Surf School and Barcelona Skydive day trips. If you have friends studying in these cities as well as Florence and Rome then you could be earning $$$ right now.

4. The very best accommodations. We use the TOP ACCOMMODATION at each destination. We look for the best hostels, in the best locations, with the best facilities. We are very girl friendly so we use CLEAN hostels with ensuite facilities. Fun is very important. Great common area’s and bar/restaurant on site to make YOUR weekend even better! We are not #1 because we cut corner’s on accommodation. Staying at hostel’s in Europe is the way to go. You meet heaps of people from all over the world!

5.The GREATEST deals on all destinations. We include more than any other company. Local transport, ferries, guided walks, bike tours, welcome drinks, free discounts are all included in our prices. Bus2alps gives you MORE, MORE, MORE!

6. Set schedule’s. Our guide’s do a pre arranged schedule that is designed so that IF you want to join them, you will get the most out of the weekend. It is NOT MANDATORY to do this schedule. You can do your own thing or let us do all the work.

7. AWARD WINNING TRAVEL- Bus2alps’s ‘Florence 2 Sorrento’ trip was just recently voted the second BEST TOUR WORLDWIDE by over 800 000 Hostelworld customer’s. This is a HUGE AWARD for us as it is voted for by people that have been on the trips. Bus2alps uses the same criteria on ALL OUR TRIPS. You are getting the very best with Bus2alps.

It makes sense! I hope 2 C U soon on Bus2alps!

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