How to be a successful bus2alps promotor

Mike – a guide generated so far 87 bookings with In total he made so far EUR 978.42.- in comissions. This comissions he get paid out via PayPal. Now how can Mike be a successful promotor, here are some tipps:
1) he sends his promotor code to all his friends, the friends gets 5 % discount on trips (thats their incentive to use his promotor code), mike gets 5 % kick back on all trips he did sell.
2) This kind of selling trips is called: peer to peer selling. So idea is: your are a traveller and travelling around europe or staying as an abroad student in europe. With your promotor code you can sell trips which you like the most to your friends, you friends are happy because they get a personal recommendation and maybe also some personal tipps (which trip is good, which not etc.). And of course they get all 5 % discount on trips. You are happy because you get 5 % kick back paid out. A Win Win Situation for all.
3) So if you have a lot of friends and you like travelling – your the perfect bus2alps promotor/ambassador!
4) In addition to that gives their promotors special prices like: free sky diving trips, free bus2alps trips etc.

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