The 7 Most Adrenaline Pumping Alpine Activities of Interlaken

It’s difficult to name a reason why Interlaken shouldn’t be your first trip of the semester, especially if you’re into picture-perfect views, cheese fondue, and chocolate. But as the adrenaline capital of Europe, there are some Interlaken activities thrill-seekers couldn’t possibly experience anywhere else.

1. Night Sledding

You will travel high into the Swiss Alps, grab your sled and zip down the one-hour long sled run. You can gaze up at all the stars since you’re high in the mountains far away from light pollution. The trail winds through the woods across alpine meadows and passes majestic frozen waterfalls. At the end, you can opt to indulge in cheese fondue at a local Swiss restaurant. Book either Night Sledding or Night Sledding with Fondue!

2. Schilthorn

Of all of the Interlaken activities, this is one that can be both thrilling or not, depending on YOU! Take a cable car up to the 2970-meter-high summit overlooking the spectacular views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (UNESCO World Heritage), and more. These panoramic views are truly beyond compare. Snow-sport pro? Hit up the Skyline Snowpark to free-ski slopes with views too beautiful to even dream of or hike trails through an incomparable landscape backdrop. Looking for a more of an adrenaline boost? Take the Thrill Walk pictured below!

3. Sky Diving

young brunette girl tandem skydiving with instructor over swiss alps

Your journey starts off with an amazing scenic flight over the incredible Swiss Alps. As you dive out of the plane you will experience an adrenaline rush like never before as you freefall at 120MPH. Then the parachute will be deployed and you can enjoy an amazing canopy ride down to the ground. You can choose to jump out of an airplane or a helicopter!

4. Paragliding

Turn your dream of flying into a reality without the free fall/jump out of a plane feeling! Embrace the amazing mountain views as you glide high above the Jungfrau region. Paragliding flights are exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. You’ll have a bird’s eye view while coasting over the lakes of Interlaken. 

5. Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is one of the most classic adrenaline activities. Interlaken is a ski bum’s paradise with its stunning mountain views and powder-perfect trails. This is the ideal place to hit the slopes, even if it means you have to pizza frenchfry your way down the mountain. If you don’t have a ton of experience skiing, don’t worry. Not only can you choose trails to fit your agility level, you can even book a private lesson. Confident & ready to go? You can book either a one day or two day ski pass.

6. Snowboarding

The area surrounding Interlaken has a ton to offer snowboarders. The Jungfrau Region is filled with park areas filled jumps, rails, slides and a half-pipe that will surely get your blood pumping, or choose to book a 1 day or 2 day lift pass and just shred the gnar to find your favorite trails at Kleine Scheidegg!

7. Snow Shoeing

group of young people in snow clothes in a line snoeshowing

Snowshoeing might seem like a relaxing activity but this is an extreme winter hike across the Alps. This an extraordinary day-long excursion that will test your limits as the trek through a winter wonderland.

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